Green & Smart

A City With Vertical Greening And Multi-Layered Mobility System

Together with renowned urban planning and designing firm Sasaki, Forest City created an idyllic and vibrant city. One of the most distinctive features of Forest City is its vertical greenery, underlined by the concept of a “forest-like environment with buildings’ façade covered by plants”. In sum, Forest City will be an exclusive and green living paradise.
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Smart City

Using cutting-edge smart technology, an urban operating system and resource network management will be built to aggregate information from multiple sources, enabling advanced analytics and reporting across city-wide functions. Each entity within the city, from the individual, corporate, building, amenity, product, and even through to service, will have a unique ID. This ID will provide seamless connectivity among all entities via the internet, creating a smart and efficient living and working environment.

The inter-connectivity between enterprise and individual, city, and environment will be manifested throughout the entire city, providing a vibrant atmosphere for individuals, and a high-end cross-boundary communication platform for corporates.

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