Brand Hornors

Forest City is jointly developed by Country Garden and EDSB, a company controlled by the government of Johor

A Fortune Global 500 Company

A constructor of global green smart eco-city

Country Garden, established in 1992, listed in Hong Kong since 2007, recognized as Fortune Global 500 Companies in 2017, rated as one of the World’s Biggest 300 Public Companies by Forbes, is the world’s No.1 real estate developer by Sales volume and space delivered (data by the end of May 2017). Country Garden Group owns over 900 projects and offers services to over 3 million property owners around the globe. For the year of 2016, Country Garden’s annual residential property sales exceeded USD46.4 billion.

Country Garden always adheres to the philosophy: “To create a better society with our existence”. Since its establishment, the founder of Country Garden and the Group have made nearly USD400 million of charitable donations to society.

EDSB—shareholder of Iskandar Malaysia, is a company held and supported by the Johor state Government. It has created various key projects in the special economic zone and has accumulated profound development experience and strength.

With the advanced urban planning concept, Forest City has won many international awards: