Industrial Cooperation

An Integrated City

Smart Eco-City with sustainable development of 8 key industries

  • Forest City plans to build a safe, convenient, livable, state-of-the-art and sustainable Smart Eco-City via internet technology;

  • Under the concept of “An Integrated city”, Forest City plans to introduce eight key industries: Tourism & MICE, Healthcare, Education & Training, Regional Headquarters, Nearshore Finance, E-Commerce, Emerging Technology and Green & Smart industry.

  • The Signing Ceremony on Strategic Initiatives of Forest City was held on December 6, 2016. Witnessed by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak, Forest City signed cooperation agreements with 36 international enterprises including Huawei and Cisco.

On 4th August, the signing ceremony of “Achieving Shared Growth: Unveiling of Design forJDT Football Stadium, Opening of Forest City IBS Base and Celebrating Milestones” was held in Forest City.
Forest City signed the MoU with 21 institutes from China, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK.

Signing Ceremony of International Cooperation on Production Capacity and Industries

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Preferential Policies

Duty-free area, independent CIQs via land and sea, corporate income tax exemptions

Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, made a speech at the global opening ceremony of Forest City

  • Forest City enjoys preferential policies of Malaysia’s development region and is actively applying for more preferential policies from the Malaysian government. Currently its application for setting up independent CIQs has been approved;

  • In Forest City, Corporate tax exemption will be granted to key industries (eligible developers, Property management organizations and industries related to tourism, education and healthcare) in the first 5 years. Moreover, with no restrictions on foreign equity imposed on the above, Forest City is poised to attract massive foreign investment and capital from all over the world, solving issues such as population growth, employment opportunities and future developments etc.

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Cooperative Enterprises

Strategic partnership signing ceremony

  • SASAKI, a top global architectural, environmental planning and design firm, whose works include Disneyland Resort Paris, formulates the overall planning program for Forest City;

  • Huawei, leading information and communication solution provider, helps Forest City to establish a top smart eco-city;

  • Cisco Systems Inc., an American multinational technology organization, cooperates with Forest City to build the latest generation of smart city, making forest City truly a prime model of future city;

  • Accenture, one of the world’s largest firms for management consulting and IT services, develops the smart city vision for Forest City;

  • CELCOM, a renowned telecommunications operator in Malaysia, provides information management for Forest City;

  • ARUP, one of the largest engineering consultancy firms assists Forest City to achieve the integration of internal and external mobility network, to effectively reduce the carbon dioxide emissions;

  • G-Energy Global, one of the largest qualified energy management companies in Asia, formulates the green design program for Forest City to achieve the goal of a green architecture and energy conservative city;

  • Ebawe, a leading German enterprise in the field of concrete prefabricated components production, provides Forest City with world-class automated equipment to achieve the overall industrialization of green buildings in Forest City.

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