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A Stable Society

Social Stability, an English-speaking environment, a 5-Star management to create a smart eco-City.

According to Forbes, Malaysia is ranked 6th on the list of the 10 most livable countries for the ethnic Chinese. The International Living also ranked Malaysia as the 4th best destination in the world and ranked 1st in Asia Pacific regions to retire at.
Nearly US$ 100 billion will be invested to create a smart eco-city housing hundreds of thousands of people. This is a wonderful place to live, work, and play.
Our enclosed security system to ensure your safety, create advanced smart eco-island.
We operate an elevator IC card management system, similar to any five star hotels. Each card allows the card users to access their designated floors, ensuring the safety of our residents.

Asset Protection
freehold property for generations
commonwealth legal system, property rights with high level of privacy protection
no economic environment constraints, preserve the value of the asset.

Forest City freehold property rights.

Zero inheritance tax.

Property market is stable and with high transparency. Moreover, lawyers will monitor the progress of developer’s accounts. The commonwealth legal and banking system protect the interests of buyers.

Our professional team will provide you the exclusive service to assist any of your inquiries to serve you better. Your privacy is highly protected.

There is no economic environment constraint. It is the good choice to preserve the value of the asset as well as diversify the risk.

Adjacent To Singapore, Enjoy The Prosperity Of Singapore And The Affordability Of Malaysia

Malaysia's overall housing prices stand at 99th in the world. However, it ranked 9th in the world in terms of property price appreciation with rental yield as high as 6-8 % and rental rate of return as high as 6% -8%. The freehold property price is only at ¼ of Singapore’s. The Forest City is the perfect embodiment of this phenomenon as one could enjoy both the prosperity of Singapore and the affordability of Malaysia.