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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Forest City’s property buyers will be given a complimentary migration ‘Green Card’. (F.O.C for “ Malaysia My Second Home” processing fees). The processing and approval process takes a minimum of 3 months. You are required to place a fixed deposit minimum of RM150,000 in a bank account in Malaysia. You could withdraw part of the fund in the second year for property investment in Malaysia, children’s education, medical services in Malaysia.

The advantages of MM2H:

1. only one applicant required to obtain 10 years residency in Malaysia for the entire family
2. No English proficiency requirement
3. No minimum annual stay

International education

Contract has been signed with renowned American schools in which one can enjoy a complete elite education from kindergarten to high school.

We have signed a contract with Shattuck-St. Mary's School, a renowned private boarding school in the United States to offer international education from kindergarten to high school, and the school is expected to open in August of 2018. Forest City is also collaborating with Iskandar Malaysia authorities to establish research centers, technical training institutions and etc.

Malaysia and Singapore followed the Commonwealth education system, attracting students from all over the world. 

In Iskandar Malaysia, there are a number of universities located 15-35km from Forest City which includes Newcastle University, University of Reading, Raffles University and etc. In addition, The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are also mere distance from Forest City.

Malaysia-Singapore Economic Zone, the preferred option for study abroad

Forest City is located in the heart of the Malaysia-Singapore Economic Zone. It offers a healthy variety of schools, giving you the choice of schooling your children in Malaysia or sending them to study in Singapore. As a resident of the Forest City, you have access to Singapore’s world-class educational system while enjoying Malaysia’s low cost of living. This combination allows you to maximize your investment.

Schools surrounding the Forest City

Category School Distance to Forest City
University University of Southampton - Malaysia Campus 12.8 km
Multimedia University (MMU) 12.8 km
Newcastle University 13.1 km
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 31.7 km
University of Reading Malaysia 19.5 km
Raffles University Iskandar 19.6 km

Introduction to the schools

University of Southampton - Malaysia Campus

The University of Southampton is a famous university in the United Kingdom in the field of engineering. It attaches great importance to research, and is one of the institutions receiving the largest funding for research activities in the United Kingdom. The university offers a high quality of education and consisitently bags prizes in the QS Awards. The Malaysia campus is the first overseas campus, offering students with electronic, electrical, mechanical engineering class 2+2 courses.

Language requirements: IELTS 6.5
Reference fees: Undergraduate grade one or two RM 50200 / school year,
                 Undergraduate grade three or four GBP 18010 / school year

University of Reading Malaysia Campus

The University of Reading was established in 1892. It is one of the famous research universities in the United Kingdom, and is now ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. The University of Reading, is comprised of School of Arts, humanities and Social Sciences, School of science, life sciences and Henley Business College. Henley Business College is a world-renowned institution, wining a ‘triple certification’ through the European quality certification system (EQUIS), British Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the International Association of Higher School of business (AACSB). The Malaysia campus will offer matriculation, undergraduate and graduate courses.

Language requirements: IELTS 6.5 (Nonattainment can first attend language school courses)
Reference fees: about RM 36,000-46,000 / school year,

Cost Effective, Golden Stepping Stone to Top Schools in the World

Elite Education in Malaysia: Bilingual teaching fosters broader options after Graduation.

Recognized throughout the World: Cambridge IGCSE Program and IB Program are available. Diplomas are generally recognized across the world. A Great Start to American and European Universities.

Lower Cost: Tuition fees are lower than that in US, UK, Australia, and even some of the private schools in China.


MOU has been signed with an excellent healthcare institute in Asia. Enjoy Asia’s excellent medical and healthcare environment at low cost.

We have signed a MOU with MJ Group—an excellent healthcare institute in Asia. We are also discussing with various world-class hospitals, medical services and research organization in order to provide world-class medical services to our residents.

Abundant medical resource by having more than 8,000 hospitals and clinics.

One of the few countries in the world where medical tourism is strongly promoted by the government. Strict laws, regulatory and safety standards are applied by the government to assure high quality of the medical services.

We have signed a MOU with MJ Group—an excellent healthcare institute in Asia. We are also discussing with various world-class hospitals, medical services and research organization in order to provide world-class medical services to our residents.

English is widely spoken without communication barriers with the doctors, medical costs are only half of the Singapore’s price, as well as save up to 75% in the United States and Europe.

Surrounded by top 3 renowned medical organizations, Gleneagles Hospital, KPJ Specialist and Regency Specialists Hospital that provide comprehensive facilities and holistic care to you and your family.

Why choose medical services in Malaysia?

Forest City surrounding Hospital overview

Name Distance Introduction
Gleneagles Hospital and Medical Centre 15.3KM

Belong to the Asia's largest private medical group. Providing A-class ambulance service, equipped with first tomography instrument in Johor which can shoot 640 pictures, leading to more accurate scan of the brain inside the case.

KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital 29.3KM

KPJ Healthcare Group is one of Malaysia's three major medical groups, while KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital is its first hospital.

Mahkota Medical Centre 50KM

It is one of oldest medical institutions in Malaysia which can use Singapore's government-designated national health security fund. Certified by Malaysian Medical Tourism Commission (MHTC) and serving patients from around the world for health care.