A City Dream

“I have a dream. I dream of such a city in which it’s very safe to live. No vehicles running on the ground; plants grow on the walls of buildings and parks scatter everywhere. People living there can bask in the sunshine, jog, swim…”

-- Yeung Kwok Keung, Board Chairman of Country Garden Holdings

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Multi-layered City

Parks scatter around the city and vehicles run underground

  • Forest City adopts advanced 3D multi-layered urban planning concept. Parks and space for recreation are above the ground, while vehicles run underground;

  • Rail transit links the whole city. Roads, flyovers and parking spaces are docked underground to separate pedestrians from vehicles.

A Vertical Green City

Green facades and forest-like environment

  • Planned by SASAKI - a renowned international architectural firm, Forest City is the combination of the world’s most advanced high tech cities in the modern world;

  • The whole city is surrounded by green facades, sky gardens and rooftop gardens, forming a multi-dimensional greening system to purify the air, conserve rainwater and reduce noise pollution;

  • In Forest City, parks, greenways and bar streets are everywhere. Residents are able to enjoy sunbathing, running, swimming, walking and playing games freely without worry about traffic safety.

Comprehensive Amenities

  • Forest City’s independent CIQ via land and sea have both been approved. In the near future, Forest City will be seamlessly connected to Singapore;

  • Transportation hub, International Clubhouse, Wetland Park, Phoenix Hotel and Harbor Commercial Street are already in operation. One of the best parts of visiting Forest City is the Duty Free shopping at the Harbor Commercial Street which will open soon. Covering about 8 sq. km, Phase II of Forest City will include luxury hotels and 3 international standard 18-hole golf courses;

  • Closed-off cluster management is adopted throughout the whole island. Forest City is also planning to provide 24-hour property management services equipped with smart security management, 24-hour patrol and 24x7 sea patrol etc. ensuring safety of residents;

  • Forest City is planning an access control system in the residential lift lobbies(similar to hotels), whereby residents will only be able to access the residential lifts with their private access card. The card will only be able to access the cardholder’s living floor, ensuring the safety of their homes;

  • Property management team consists of outstanding talents. Platinum Phoenix Property Services provide special paid services such as guest transfer, emergency medical services in Chinese, English and Malay.

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