Adjacent to Singapore

  • The project is close to Singapore. It is only about 39km away from Orchard Road and about 55km from Singapore Changi Airport;

  • The project is close to the Tuas West Extension which is currently under construction (open to traffic on June 18, 2017), and station of the Extension is near the Singapore-Malaysia Second Link. Shuttle bus services to Singapore as well as various business and administrative districts will be provided for residents in the future. You can enjoy both the modern prosperity of Singapore and the affordability of Malaysia;

  • Singapore and Malaysia government have signed the Bilateral Agreement on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR). The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail Project, which is expected to be completed in 2026, can reach a speed of 250-280km per hour. After the completion, it will take about 90 minutes to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and will only take 15 minutes to travel from Iskandar Malaysia where Forest City is located to Singapore;

  • Most APEC countries can be reached within 6-8 hours’ flight time; the ASEAN market with a population of over 800 million can be reached within 2-4 hours’ flight time.

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An Island for Assets Safety

  • Forest City is merely one bridge away from Singapore, but the housing price here is only a quarter of that in Singapore, making it a low threshold for investment;

  • The owners of apartments and villas in Forest City have the freehold of their houses and lands;

  • There is no inheritance tax and the local government fully respects personal wealth. Property owners can safely and effectively inherit their wealth through real estates;

  • Overseas real estate market is mature and transparent, and there are attorneys monitoring real estate developers’ accounts and development progress. The well-equipped local commonwealth law and banking system can provide further guarantees to buyers’ rights and interests, making house purchasing safer.

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Advantages of A Special Economic Zone

  • Located in the Iskandar Malaysia, Forest City holds the strategic passage to two active ASEAN economies – Singapore and Malaysia and embraces the Strait of Malacca;

  • Iskandar Malaysia, aiming to build itself into a regional center, has become an industry transfer base as well as livable backyard garden of Singapore, which has attracted Singaporean enterprises such as Temasek Holdings and an over USD50 billion investments from all over the world. Microsoft, Huawei, LEGO, etc. have been stationed here;

  • The two regions have integrated into one where many Singaporeans own properties and factories in Iskandar and the number of people passing the Singapore-Malaysia links every day is estimated to be over 400,000.